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We interviewed Richard Crawford, MTS Founder

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Spring Workshops 2018

Director's Track
The Ensemble Director: Creating Original Theater
Teacher: Richard Crawford

This workshop addresses the role of Director in an ensemble setting. A seeming contradiction, how does a director inspire joint ownership of the generation of new material and at the same time maintain creative autonomy in order to sculpt the final product? We will look at the tools of devising where the traditional boundaries between actor/director director/writer are blurred and where the ensemble enriches the creation of original material, giving rise to a joint vision.

Throughout the workshop students will work in small groups to create original material, alternately wearing the hat of director, writer and actor. We will look at the ideas of theme, structured improvisation, creation and use of space, character, narrative arc and mise en scene.

Questions asked include:

  • How can you best provoke and inspire actors to serve your vision?
  • What exercises will best illuminate the themes you are exploring?
  • What games and approaches can help create trust, playfulness and inspiration within the group?
  • How do you "quiet your brain" while material is being created and surrender momentarily to the actor's instinctive impulse—knowing that your chance to organize and edit will come?
  • How do we create trust and creative equality in the room while still adhering to the guiding role of director?
  • What are the stages of ensemble creation? — Provocation, Development and Organizing
  • Hours: March 30th - April 1st, 10am - 3pm
  • Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studio, 250 W. 54th St. NYC
  • Fee: $250 (A deposit of $100 is required to secure space and is refundable until 3/16. Remainder of fee is due 3/23.)
  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 15% off if deposit received by Feb. 2nd.
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Contemporary Puppetry in Practice
Teacher: Tom Lee

A unique two-day course in contemporary puppet manipulation with renowned War Horse puppeteer and designer Tom Lee. Using principles of traditional Japanese puppet theater as a starting point, this workshop is for puppeteers and movement based actors to study the art of bringing a figure to life through focus, breath and fixed points of intention.

In addition to Bunraku-style puppetry, participants will have an opportunity to construct a puppet head and experience how the act of sculpting a character informs its movement. Ideal for directors and performers interested in devised work and a collaborative approach to theater making this workshop is primarily for new puppeteers to gain a hands-on launch into the genre—and come away with the start of a puppet!

As part of the workshop, students will:

  • Study the concepts fixed point, effort, weight and intention
  • Explore the basic techniques of 3-person manipulation inspired by the division of labor in traditional Japanese puppet theater: head operator, left hand operator and leg operator
  • Create a full, raw style puppet from paper and, through various études, explore its character
  • Build a puppet head from basic materials and have the opportunity to manipulate that head using a puppet body provided for the workshop
  • Hours: April 27th, 6:30 - 10pm; April 28th & April 29th, 10am - 3pm
  • Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studios, 250 W 54th St. btw Broadway & 8th Ave., Manhattan
  • Fee: $250 + $10 materials fee = Total: $260 (A $100 deposit is required to secure space. Refundable until 4/13. Remainder of fee is due 4/20.)
  • Click here to apply